Be a part of renewable energy's journey

Solar Energy

India's land area receives about 5,000 trillion kWh energy per year. We rank 6th in the world in terms of solar capacity. Exchange ideas on effective ways of harnessing this opportunity, ensuring huge scalability for India.


Ranked 4th in the world for wind power installed capacity, India is a major player in the global wind energy market. However, the potential of wind energy is far from exhausted. Exchange ideas about how to integrate wind power efficiently with India’s grid.


Bio Energy has the potential to support sustainable livelihood development, as well tackle local (land, air and water) and global pollution. Exchange ideas on how to enhance the countries energy security and also reduce pollution by using Bio Energy.


Small Hydro projects play a critical role in providing green energy in the remote and inaccessible areas. Exchange your ideas for leveraging small hydropower to boost India’s clean energy portfolio.


Adopting technologies for recovery of energy from urban & industrial waste can reduce environmental pollution, besides generating substantial quantity of clean energy. Exchange ideas on new technologies towards this aspect of cyclic energy.


Discuss ideas on various emerging technologies like Hydrogen, fuel cell, geo thermal energy and ocean energy.


Energy storage is a critical component of India’s energy infrastructure strategy for supporting India’s sustained thrust to renewable and electric mobility. Exchange your ideas on development of storage devices & grid stabilization with storage.


India’s renewable energy programme is largely driven by private sector investments. India would need Investment of about INR 175 thousand crore every year towards RE Projects for next 10 years. Exchange ideas about meeting this challenge of financing RE sector.


I-Cube is a multi-stakeholder collaborative platform to catalyze ideas on renewable energy. It represents an out-of-the-box process that triggers ideas, encourages innovation and enables incubation. The I-Cube framework follows a multi-pronged approach from concept to reality implementation of an idea that contributes to the sustainable development of the renewable energy eco-system, helping reduce dependence on fossil fuels. This platform aims to bring together industry experts, relevant members of the Global RE community, relevant entrepreneurs and policymakers to drive exponential adoption of innovation in the renewable energy space.


Mission 175

Mission 175 is a global platform to explore strategies for development and deployment of renewables. Hosted by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), Government of India, the event showcases India’s renewable energy potential and the Government’s efforts to scale up capacity to meet the national energy requirement in a socially, economically and ecologically sustainable manner.