I Cube
Be a part of renewable energy's journey

The Idea Exchange Program

I-Cube is a multi-stakeholder collaborative platform to exchange and catalyse ideas on Renewable Energy

The cube represents In & Out of the box thinking that triggers ideas, promotes innovation and enables incubation or acceleration of meritorious ideas

The I-Cube framework provides a multi-pronged approach from concept to reality implementation of any idea that contributes to sustainable development of the renewable energy eco-system, helping reduce dependence on fossil fuels.

This platform aims to bring together industry experts, the Global RE community, relevant entrepreneurs and policy makers to drive exponential adoption of innovation in the renewable energy space.


This platform aims to provide a medium to enable Industry stakeholders to have a look at innovative technology and global ambitions – so you can focus on connecting your idea with the world.

The I-Cube is backed by MNRE, and is supported by a highly competitive cohort of stakeholders from the Indian RE industry. MNRE is passionate about innovation and technology and is committed to help businesses achieve global success.


Every startup faces challenges, but those faced by Indian startups are unique given our population size and diverse geography. Through I-Cube, MNRE will help RE Industry stakeholders to think ambitiously and work globally from day one. We envision to achive this in three ways.


The Problem-Solution Fit

Is there a clear need or problem that you are looking to solve?


Product-Market Fit

Do you have a solution that satisfies a validated market demand?

Incubate or Accelerate

Scale Ready

Is your business model robust and ready to scale through a partnership with an Investor?

Progressing through each phase is no easy task. As a result, the I-Cube platform includes a variety of modules to address key discussions to help guide your thinking and decision making along the way. The platform integrates access to the expert team and programme modules, and involvement with mentors, investors, and partners.

Incubator Perks

• Access to RE expertise both in India and globally

• Access to international and local mentors with industry and technical expertise

• Mentors for Advice and Guidance

Gain meaningful mentoring from some of the greatest business leaders and tech innovators from India and the world. As part of the I-Cube platform, your startup/business will have access to mentors from both in India and around the world to help guide and shape your idea, product or business as it develops and grows.

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