This part of the I-Cubeframework enables participants to submit an idea that corresponds to a Problem-Solution fit.
Once the Idea is submitted, the key objective is to determine the problem area it is addressing, assess if it is offering a solution to an existing or an emerging problem.
Our team of experts from the Industry and Global RE community will identify, evaluate and shortlist the ideas that are potentially feasible.

Follow the Registration process and start discussing your idea in an open forum or a closed group. I-Cube will share your idea with the right experts through a sustained engagement .
Alternately, the platform gives an opportunity to support an idea or share feedback on other ideas submitted on the forum.

The platform enables you to engage with other stakeholders across the globe in order to help you define your problem statement or reach out to the relevant participants.

I-Cube offers networking opportunities with other participants, speakers and panelists by scheduling meetings before or after the Industry events. Information on the events and other forums is available under “What’s New”.

Our expert group engages through the platform and provides mentorship to IRIX participants.